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Local & Long Distance Towing

Car Towing in Action. Car on the Towing Car Being Towed Out.

If all things could be planned we would have a much more orderly life and never need local Shirley NY towing or long distant towing services. As chaos theory stands to say this is not how the world works. And! That is okay, because Pitbull Towing has your back. When you have car problems, there is no worry that you will not reach a tow truck company that will not be open. We are always here for you no matter what.

Local Shirley NY Towing

What we mean by local is anywhere in Shirley NY and all of Long Island. This is also means that never is our crew comprised. We always have the same amount of people waiting for your call. By calling our local Shirley tow service on a Tuesday you will not wait any longer then you would on Thursday morning at ten am. We promise to make sure that your calls are always met with a real in the flesh person that can get the driver that will help you.

Trusted Long Island NY Towing

When you find yourself on the side of the road in the morning you do not want to be calling a tow truck company and be waiting for a long time. You also do not want to call a tow truck company and find the driver to be someone that makes you uncomfortable. We take the comfort of our clients very seriously. All of your drivers get background checks and in our training we go over the importance of customer safety. We want everyone to feel at ease. We always want out clients to feel that when we arrive they know good help has arrived.


When you call our Shirley NY towing service you never have to worry about waiting a long time for help to get there. We always have enough staff that no one is left waiting. We also make sure that our drivers know the roads and routes and keep up to date with the regular weather reports. Our trucks are inspected and ready to go and our drivers are always routinely checking out other tools and equipment. This makes us ready to spring into action morning or night.

Towing Experts in Shirley & Long Island

We are the experts when it comes to towing. When you phone our local and long distant towing service no matter you are getting an tow truck expert. Everyone that works for us is professional, trained, certified, helpful, courteous and fast. We have a great reputation in the Shirley area and we intend to keep it up. We have always loved working in Long Island and we want to make sure we maintain the number tow truck in the hearts of the people here. We know you guys are number one to us, but we want to make sure it stays mutual.